Foam production

Foam production

The construction of the foam production shop started in August 2008 and was completed in early March 2009. The facility is equipped with a high-pressure QFM foaming machine by Hennecke, storage tanks by H&S and Metalko as well as the cutting and storage system for long blocks by Baeumer. The cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our employees result in high-quality foam of the following kinds:

  1. viscoelastic
  2. high resilience (HR)
  3. standard (T).

Our lab also constitutes a part of the foam production shop. It determines physical and mechanical parameters foams, carries out flammability tests and examines the emission of volatile organic compounds using a gas chromatograph (GC–MS).

Repolyol production

repolyol productionEarly 2013 marked the construction of the repolyol production facility with the world’s first installation for chemical recycling of polyurethane foam. Repolyol is the result of this process and it is next used to produce polyurethane foam. Its quality is also under close scrutiny of our lab team.

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