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Thanks to our market position we are able to offer secure employment and the international environment brought in by our client and investor gives you the opportunity to gain experience in different areas. We are not a typical corporation. We value and take pride in our unique atmosphere where there is no room for complicated procedures, corporate lingo, rigid rules or dress code. Add a team of extraordinarily ordinary people who reject competition but embrace cooperation, promote professionalism and are genuinely open to feedback, and you can be sure that working at Dendro is a truly great experience.
The work has a significant impact on our everyday lives, which is why we make sure that our work environment is amiable. The company puts at our disposal the highest quality of equipment and personalized workstations. In 2013 we launched Dendro corporate volunteering program and anyone is welcome to participate. Through volunteering, we have a chance to get to know each other better, and stay true to the working together value not only in the professional aspect of life.

Want to know get to know us better? Read the opinions of Dendro employees and interns:

Employees’ opinions

Marta GórnaMarta Górna, Accountant: [quote style="1"]I spent most of the day at Dendro and I’m happy to be working with people who value my opinion and are always ready to offer a helping hand. The work here offers great development opportunities and my boss is always there to support me, and, what’s most important, I like my job.[/quote] Małgorzata PiekarzMałgorzata Piekarz, HR Specialist:[quote style="1"]For me, working for Dendro Poland is not only a duty but pleasure as well. The company sponsors language trainings within the working day and offers numerous other trainings related to our positions that also increase our personal effectiveness.[/quote] Gruchot Dagmara, Operator: [quote style="1"]I am really happy that Dendro offers summer camps for kids, employee benefits and that our salary is always on time. Additionally I enjoy the atmosphere and can always turn to my colleagues for help. What is more, Dendro offers high job security as the company is constantly developing. Everyone one has equal opportunities for self-realization or volunteering and thanks to internal publications knows what is going on in the company.[/quote] Adrian Dudzinski, Technical Director:[quote style="1"]I remember when I came to Dendro for the first time for the job interview and it was one big construction site. I was a little overwhelmed by what I saw. Much has changed since then. Today, we have a strong market position, technological processes are being continuously improved, and employees enjoy job security. In addition, thanks to our values system, anyone can have their say in any matter.[/quote] Renata Sobkowiak, Senior Operator:[quote style="1"]What I like about Dendro is the close commute, timely salary, teamwork and prompt reaction to problems. I know my area of responsibilities and if in doubt, I can always ask my supervisor and get a comprehensive answer. The work here is definitely rewarding and that comes from good working conditions and excellent equipment. I also appreciate the opportunity to meet people from other departments. Dendro organizes informative trainings that boost our skills and improve the quality of work. The atmosphere is great! No unhealthy competition – just smooth cooperation between the shifts and co-workers. All the areas are kept clean and tidy. I would definitely recommend Dendro as an employer.[/quote] Patryk Dylewski:[quote style="1"]My name is Patrick. I’m 23 and live in Rogoźno. I have been working for Dendro Poland in the cutting section of mattress production for three years now. A year ago I was promoted to machine operator. My work is not easy, but I’m happy with it. The atmosphere at work is very good. We help one another and work together. My superiors? These are the people who always listen carefully and can always find effective solutions to problems. I can always count on them. I believe that we get on really well at work as well as outside of it. I am satisfied with the salary and it is always on time. I think my future here is bright because the company is developing well.[/quote] Joanna Korybalska, Production:[quote style="1"]I’ve been working for Dendro for over two years. I started right after school so I didn’t know what to expect. The initial shock of numerous names of mattresses, labels and so on – I thought I wouldn’t be able to wrap my head around it. I made many mistakes during my first days when I was trying to properly assemble the mattress. But thanks to my patient colleagues, I quickly got up to speed and realized that there’s nothing difficult about putting together a mattress. Now I can advise and help others, which is great. All the machines and equipment also sort of grew on me, which has been appreciated by my supervisor. Now I skilfully operate the stretcher or logopak and that gives me a lot of satisfaction. As in any company with big crew, sometimes there is miscommunication. But we as employees are never left stranded and can always ask senior operators or leaders for help. Another thing which I like about Dendro are the trainings, e.g. on the value of teamwork. This helps to reduce instances of miscommunication. Over my two years here, I have witnessed how the company develops, introduces innovation (thanks to the so-called ‘kaizens’) and takes great care of its staff by organizing picnics or summer camps for us and our kids. Dendro offers stability. [/quote]

Opinions of interns:

Maciej: [quote style="1"]I think that the internship at Dendro is everything students imagine their first job to be. Great atmosphere, abundance and diversity of tasks, openness and willingness to help the less experienced – it’s just wonderful and unforgettable. I am sure I’ll look back at my internship in Rogoźno and have only good memories.[/quote] Dominika: [quote style="1"]Internship at Dendro was a completely new experience for me. It allowed me to understand what a modern and growing manufacturing company could be like. Dendro allows me to put the theory on quality I learned at university into practice. In this way I was able to carry out FMEA analyses (which are considered to be intricate and complicated) and it wasn’t a big problem for me. I was also impressed by the atmosphere. As an intern I could count on any employee to help me, from the production floor to the management. I would definitely choose Dendro again as the place of my internship.[/quote] Patrycja: [quote style="1"]My three-month internship at Dendro has been not only a rewarding experience but also an interesting professional adventure. I had to rise to the challenge of many interesting tasks, which was a great opportunity to test my knowledge and skills acquired during my studies. Arriving at new and unorthodox solutions brings a lot of satisfaction. Also the support coming from the staff, the congenial almost family-like atmosphere assured me that I have become a valued member of the company.[/quote] Edyta: [quote style="1"]I’m learning a lot about the systems used in Dendro Poland. I’m getting to know the work of the IT department. I’m not here to make coffee; the tasks I receive are interesting and creative. In addition, I must say the atmosphere in the office is sensational.[/quote] Natalia: [quote style="1"]The internship was great. I was really impressed with the openness of the employees, their kindness and willingness to help. The company itself was also impressive. I specialize in production management; hence I paid close attention to the production route. And here again, I was impressed by the innovative process and the high conformity to lean management, 5S in particular. The experience I gained will certainly be of use in my future career.[/quote] Ania: [quote style="1"]The huge amount of new and interesting information I learned during my internship at Dendro cannot be described briefly. It’s a very modern and fast-growing company and that’s why I think it is a great source of practical knowledge. The greatest advantage of the student internship was the big amount of work and numerous new responsibilities: no boring paperwork. The open and teeming with positive energy atmosphere was a good push to take on new challenges. This has been the greatest professional adventure of my life. P. S. Beware the abundance of fudge candy![/quote]

The team

We feel appreciated both as a team and as individuals who equally contribute to the development of our company. Each of us is different, but we all:

  • are open to change and new ideas
  • respect different views
  • are creative in performing everyday tasks
  • learn from mistakes
  • continuously seek new solutions
  • value teamwork and reject competition
  • cherish the friendly atmosphere at the workplace
  • are on first name terms
  • interact respectfully
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