• <!--:pl-->Dendro z lotu ptaka<!--:--><!--:en-->Aerial view of Dendro<!--:-->

    Aerial view of Dendro

  • <!--:pl-->Zakład Produkcji Pianki<!--:--><!--:en-->Foam production<!--:-->

    Foam production

  • <!--:pl-->Magazyn Bloków Długich<!--:--><!--:en-->Long blocks warehouse<!--:-->

    Long blocks warehouse

  • <!--:pl-->Zakład Produkcji Materaców<!--:--><!--:en-->Mattress production<!--:-->

    Mattress production

  • <!--:pl-->Szwalnia<!--:--><!--:en-->Sewing shop<!--:-->

    Sewing shop

  • <!--:pl-->Zakład Produkcji Repoliolu<!--:--><!--:en-->Repolyol production<!--:-->

    Repolyol production

  • <!--:pl-->Magazyn<!--:--><!--:en-->Warehouse<!--:-->


About Us

[heading style="1"]The Company[/heading] [pullquote align="right"]Every day we stay committed to our mission which is to be the leading supplier of foam mattresses for IKEA[/pullquote]
Dendro Poland is a dynamically developing company whose main client is IKEA. We are a chemical and furniture manufacturing company and one of the largest and most modern factories producing foam mattresses in Europe. Our mattress production process encompasses 3 stages: production of long blocks of polyurethane foam, cutting out and sewing mattress covers and finally delivering the finished product to the customer. We pay particular attention to the quality of our products and that is why we use the latest technologies and solutions. We have built common values together with our employees, business partners and customers. We value teamwork, innovation and courage.

The success of the company comes from the work of all employees. Therefore, we ensure their professional development through trainings, education subsidies and free language courses as well as medical care plans and group insurance. As part of the employee benefit fund we provide financial assistance, organize picnics and co-finance summer camps for children of our employees.

Aiming to take full advantage of our employees’ potential and to reward their creativity, we have created the Kaizen Employee Ideas System. Our efforts have been recognized and we were granted a membership in Gazele Biznesu – a club for the most dynamically developing companies. Ever since the beginning we have been supporting our local community and this year we encouraged our employees to participate in corporate volunteering.

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